Front Barnett

Our Investment Philosophy

Our core investment approach is built upon a broad platform of diversified equity and fixed income securities.

Equities are selected from both growth and value shares based upon our firm’s disciplined fundamental research. Portfolios are diversified including large, mid and small cap companies, domestic and international, providing for the diversification of equity-related risks.

Our firm’s proprietary Economic Model, designed to forecast changes in the direction of the US economy, is an important component of our research process, providing our portfolio managers key economic data to optimize stock portfolio compositions to reflect the changing business outlook.

Equity investment horizons are long-term minimizing both transaction costs and taxes.

Fixed income securities are broadly diversified and actively managed utilizing a limited-maturity, total return approach. Sector weightings are continuously monitored to provide opportunities to take advantage of market inefficiencies. Our experience in selecting and managing both taxable and tax free bonds enables us to maximize clients’ after tax returns.